Monday, 23 June 2008

Worcester Music Festival Aug 2008

Nice promo in the official magazine 9pm Charleston Sat 23rd

'Awesome Voice hey !!!

Thanks very much,
muchos gracious...

Big Flyer

Show Starts @ 8.30pm (until 11.00pm approx) FreeSteve Maitland / Zophie / Pippa Jennings @ Charlestons. (46 New Street Worcester WR1 2DL)

Enjoy the awesome voice of Steve Maitland and Friends as he takes you on a trip through some of the best songs ever recorded. For more info

Bublé Promo shots May 2008

2nd CD Front cover
Back cover

CD Piccy

Let me know what you think...

It is with massive thanks that these photos have been taken, reproduced and printed for my new album, 'Call Me Responsible' for more details please contact Ian Coombes @ Spenceley Productions 2008

Bacharach To Broadway Feb 2007

B&Q 80-s Themed Night..

Wow what a night to bring back the memories (mostly of bad hair)