Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A charity evening with Michael Buble Tribute and Jean Christophe Novelli

said in a deep french accent,

"You have an amazing voice, I couldn't do what you do"

We had a lovely evening with Jean Christophe Novelli, and @bubletribute we managed to leave at about 12.30am after an extremely enjoyable night chatting and making some lovely new friends. 
We raised funds for 'No Limits Charity' to help towards a set of swings and play area for Evesham. 
Look out for next years event to be held at Fusion Brassiere in summer 2015.
Many Thanks to Fiorinda and Felice.

Fancy and evening with Buble Tribute website ?
The Fusion @ Stoulton is the place to be 20th November 2014, for all ticket details contact the venue directly.

Michael Buble Tribute with The Retrophonics #Weddingband #Partyband

After 2 very successful years, I have decided to leave The Retrophonics, we've had a great couple of years and played some fab gigs, weddings, parties, corporate....... but I felt we needed to do material that the crowd want to hear, the band didn't feel that way and went on to form another band while we were still practicing....
For me that was not what I expected putting more effort into a different band, so decided to leave.
Thanks guys for what we achieved, shame that this had to happen.....

Looking forward to be able to announce my new band very soon...... How 80's?.......