Saturday, 28 February 2009

Text Factor Week 3

WEEK 2, No 1's WEEK..
Some great performance this week...Vania her best so far... Eli... amazing..

Touch Of Innocence.. another polished performance..

Benedict..... Unique...

Natalie.. Great routine..

Emma ...rock chick....

Us 3..

Which left Martha, Nick and Tara in the bottom 3...

And it was Martha's turn to leave this week... keep practising, keep enjoying it....

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Text Factor Week 1

Please welcome the cast of GROUP B

A relieved Nick ...CherryAnn Yeomans
Touch Of Innocence..
..Mike Skilbeck
..Bendict Rose
Lara Raybone..
Emma Murray..
..Vania Magalhous
Crowd scene
Natalie Pearce..
..Tara Hardwick
..Charlotte Duffett
Marie Louise Doe..
Elias Cameron...
Nicola Branelly..
....Martha Barker
JD - Compere
my Sis, Wife (they aren't in the competition) and me

Thursday, 5 February 2009


Let the games begin TEXT FACTOR 3, 34 contestants, 12 weeks, 2 mentors, 1 WINNER .!.!.!.

Week 1

The doomed....

The 3 judges.....
Group A Mentor - Steve Wilson
Wyern FM & Singer - Yve Danielle
Group B Mentor - Steve Maitland
JD presenter from Wyvern FM Breakfast Show
Smile please..
Having a drink....(water only)

Supporters and Contestants...
Very Happy friends...
Lets see what happen with my Group B next week...